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  1. I don't know if it's true but some say there's a security threat with Huawei devices. I personally would not risk it. So, I think I will avoid Huawei products for now.

  2. Your phone preferences aren't good. Tho choosing for a better phone is subjective, you can't ignore the fact that among this list F1 has the better chipset yet it's last on this list. Btw, there are more better phones that aren't in this list.

  3. this is mostly biased review…. doesn't even know what mAh means, well i agree that vivo,huawei oppo and samsung is the main phone brands that are being used at PH mainly in provinces, but when it comes to central luzon, those you can find more people that are using LeEco, Xiaomi, Meizu,OnePlus or HTC….

  4. This is a bit biased and a lack of research about smartphones under 20k here in The Philippines.

    Seriously dude ? Vivo , Oppo , Huawei and Samsung? you only based your video on the popularity of the brand and model. you didn't even look through other brands and read or watch reviews about it.

    you should put "…In my opinion" so you won't be backfired by your video. cheers.

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