Russia Becoming a Bitcoin Whale?

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  1. This follows the logic that governments follow what people use and hold. Governments do not want to lose out on holding BTC and other cryptos while the rest of the world participates. Governments would no doubt love to use their own currency but crypto is borderless and therefore dominates. They have to own what the people own to be relevant.
    If 99 people out of 100 had their own money but the one guy insisted you use his would the 99 care? No and that is the problem governments have – in order to keep order and stay in control they must be able to hold dominance through the money the people hold. If they do not then they no longer exist.

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  3. I'm in Russia. I sell anywhere from 5-50 BTC per week otc within the country , along with alt coins. Most of my clients are 25 and under AND over 50+yr olds who invest. Not many sales between 30-50yr olds

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