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  1. Just got the game last night for christmas, and I gotta say it was worth it. Its a great game a instant favorite of mine, this was one of my first videos of yours and honestly your right about everything you say here. Its overall a great game with a amazing story and I recommend this game heavily. Keep up the great stuff Mandalore.

  2. I found your channel recently because of den reviews and I remember seeing this game on YouTube but for the love of me could not find it so thank you for reviewing games that most don't.

  3. There's a game on Steam (just bought it on sale) that seems very similar to this, to the point where I swear it has the same engine and shares assets. You play in a wheelchair with relatively lifelike movement. It's called The Last Cargo. General consensus is it's not as good but worth looking at.

  4. It's a tiny detail, but I think they made a brilliant decision in making your quick attack cost more stamina than your slow, wind-up power attack. This emphasises the utility of a quick interrupting hit, rather than just breaking them into "light attack" and "heavy attack" where heavy is basically just equal to 2-3 lights.

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