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  1. Very good talk
    I m a retailer and sell smartphone and tablet kids as young 8 years old getting reworded with gifts smartphones by their parent very sad but many people don't understand the danger involved

  2. This was honestly one of the greatest talks Ive ever heard – especially because he spoke about our attention spans. I'm mad its only got 94,809 views – nobody wants to hear the truth lol its too difficult to face reality as it is

  3. Cell phone addiction is bad and all but by using a comparison among alcoholics in America and the survey taken in South Korea about child cell phone addicts, it does not make sense with such a high population difference.

  4. I don't agree. Notifications are distractions, not 'dopamine hits.' To put bluntly, smartphones aren't the deceptive object; rather the English used to describe and exaggerate it in a propagandized way. The illusive use of words used by Jeff are used as I saw in a large, stretched, truth. Basically, the entire eleven minutes I spent watching this, I was wasting my time and was listening to a red herring. Sorry if some cannot dig shallowly enough to see it.

  5. I found it impossible to rid myself of my cell phone addiction. So, instead of using cell phone as an 'entertainment' and a device to distract me from doing from my work, I started to use it to study and work – as a tool that increases my productivity.

  6. Dopamine
    On dopamine
    On dopamine

    We have been overrun by our animal desire
    Addicts of the immediate keep us obedient and unaware
    Feeding this mutation, this Pavlovian despair

    We've become
    So we run
    Towards anything glimmering

    Time to put the silicon obsession down
    Take a look around, find a way in the silence
    Lie supine away with your back to the ground
    Dis- and re-connect to the resonance now
    You were never an island

    Unique voice among the many in this choir
    Tuning into each other, lift all higher

  7. Poor little boy. The mother needs slapped! I've downgraded to a flip phone that cost only £17, I have bought sim deal from a sky which is only £5 monthly for unlimited text and calls 🙂 that's all I need. I have a laptop for when I need internet. I pay £18 for my broadband and tv. I'm better off than I ever was. I use to have iPhones that were like £53 monthly for my phone bill, along with my £18 wifi. I will never go back to an smartphone. Its unnecessary in my life.

  8. Mobile phones can be useful if not used all the time. People are being controlled by others & friends by being in contact too much by text or phone asking where they are & what are they are doing. There are too many control freaks about. Everyone needs chill out space.  People are not looking where they are going in the streets because they're looking at their phones.

  9. I find the use of the term "Smartphone" to be a real oxymoron, considering these devices are not smart or phones. Their actually a radio and a small computer that cannot think for its self.

  10. The man is talking about the horrors of short attention span while under the gun of the TED high pressure, short span format (maximally rehearsed for people in a hurry). Very creepy

  11. This is one of the reasons I got rid of most of my social media accounts. This is really the only one I have left and it is not on my phone.

  12. I had smart phone addiction. I then "upgraded" to a flip phone with no internet. Its way cheaper ($25 a month) and well I'm not as distracted anymore.

  13. constant notifications from facebook & instagram are driving me crazy, so i turn them off. i receive notifs whenever i log in… that's relieving. so many good points here. ?

  14. Ive been talking about this for years. People not paying attention in the grosery stores and even without thier smart phones, there has been a dramtic shift in connection. Im a HSP which means i pick up on the behaviors of others.. The disconnect meaning how much more often I could hear from my babies and face to face then i do now and they live hours or days away., I cut down on my notifications, hence is the reason why there is a dnd setting in the new smart phones today. Im very mindful of the world around me and not to contrdict myself here but to put out the word that i really miss my childen in the way he talks about. .

  15. I'd say this info is a bit outdated, and I feel like he tries to speak for more people than actually relate. He didn't even provide any resolution at the end, idk felt kind of preachy and more like a highschool PowerPoint that was researched for a couple days. The shock -value intro didn't balance with the rest of the speech, and he wasn't even that funny. Yes, I know I'm being very critical, I just feel like it was a shallow presentation that could have gone deeper.

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