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  1. Honestly, I understand for some people that a smartphone seems expensive. Which it is, up front, but when people think about it for a minute phones are actually one of the cheaper forms of entertainment when you realize just how much we use them.

  2. I agree what would you recommend for something under 220 . I have a pixel 3 because I worked for Verizon but I left so my discount is gone and have to return it

  3. J. Will you definitely on point about this topic. I always buy unlocked phones that work on USA networks period. And when I shop around to buy the cheapest plans from different carriers they hate when I come into the store with an unlocked phone but in the end I do get they're services.

  4. Yeah i try to get all my devices unlocked becuase i dont keep phones for very long. The longest i would say is about 8months for the galaxy s9plus before i got ride of it for the v40

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