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  1. 2:14 ,,it's a hassle having to take out the stylus all the time ?!?! seriously ?? seriously?? how about you stop talking about stuff like that since they are obviously not that big of a problem,,and focus on much bigger issues in your reviewsย 

  2. Peoples comments make me laugh. You guys are stretching for what not to like. I own it and its a mad beast. Also to the guy that says the 5s processor is more powerful? For what. .. to open a single app on that stale interface, play a game, twitter..have fun in 4 inch sub hd ? Spend a day with the 2 devices side by side and watch your mind change. Occasional lag? Omg I got a micro stutter once today…now it sucks! Please people give it up. This is that baddest boy on the block. Enough said

  3. If anyone wants to lean how to draw on your phone or tablet, come stop by my page and see what can be done on tablets and phones! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. that's why the note line is not the flagship galaxy series. the S line is.

    however, i do appreciate the massive screen size, as does my room mate who has big hands.

  5. Who would in a sane mind compare texting with writing? Of course, texting does the job better! Note 3 is for doodling ideas and for the moments visual description does better than words. I find the pseudo-leather back has its own merit since you will be using more of their attachable-folding cases, that's why they are included on the launch also. Downside is that they made the outer part all plastic, at least could have gone on the side part of the device. Over all, I find this, somehow, biased!

  6. Why doesn't any of the manufacturing company understand, we don't killer graphics on a mobile phone or MASSIVE SCREEN SIZE, all we need is a MASSIVE BATTERY, which can last a month or two.

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