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  1. I relate to him so much, wish I could talk to him. I have anxiety (not as bad) and talking to people is scary. and I have insecurity issues. I may be skinny, but most of the insecurities have to do with my acne and anxiety. My friends used to leave me behind, and then my new ones pick out those insecurities. I don’t have insomnia (I don’t think, or at least don’t know. I’m not gonna say I have it because it hasn’t been diagnosed) but I do have trouble falling asleep. School sucks, but i’m moving so I can meet new, better and supporting friends.

  2. He reminded of me when I was a kid, and still am to an extent. I really feel for him. He's clearly a very articulate kid. If he ever saw this I'd want him to know it gets way better

  3. I'm very divided. On one hand, there's some hilarity in having such an emotionally potent talk in VRchat as Kermit the frog (how am I supposed to take THAT seriously at 5:50); on the other, holy shit this poor guy.
    God was really nice to me for some reason and gave me a nice, tall, lean body, and a not-too-bad voice. I can't say I can relate to his height and voice insecurities (although I can empathize!), but the whole thing about only having one friend to console in… Lucky prick. Sometimes I really hate being involved with the people I am, because guys like me have a seriously hard time being vulnerable. If you had been with us for our late-night talks, you'd know we love each other, but things rarely go deeper than jokes. I'd LOVE if I had one person to confide in with that kind of shit. IRL, cos that just feels more meaningful.

    I got a buddy who's in a pretty similar boat as this kid (I say kid even though I'm only about a year older). I wish I could personally give that kid some advice based on what I see from my friend, cos he gets along fine with his body and voice and even uses it to comedic effect, which is charismatic. I wouldn't value him any less based on how young he looks.

    Honestly, though, I already don't value this friend too much, cos our friendship is purely superficial. Closest I ever got with him was accidentally telling him my, ah, risky activities during my angsty suicidal phase. Speaking of suicide, I almost miss being depressed. I think it's dishonest to say depressed folk aren't feigning for attention, because that's what kind of what helps them get better. It's not a despicable thing to want. But back in the day, there was no effort required to start some kind of a meaningful conversation — it came free with self-hatred! As awful as I felt back then, I still feel nostalgic for depression and almost want it again. Yes, I'm aware how stupid that is.

    And now I've lost my train of thought after a two-hour break.

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