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  1. There you have it folks!!! Scorpion is coming to smash!!! And Ken Masters is coming to mk11!!! Ed Boon confirmed it!!!

    Although I feel evil Ryu or Akuma are a better fit!

  2. I truly think Ed Boon is probably one of the nicest people you could meet.
    Ironic that he made a franchise so violent and popular they had to come up with a rating system for games lmao

  3. Also, why can't NetherRealm offer more variety in facial models for their characters, instead of recycling them over and over again (with slight tweaks), between Injustice and MK???

  4. Why can't you ask the big questions IGN? Like why Raiden – who was inspired by Big Trouble in Little China – has been whitewashed in their games, ever since Christopher Lambert played as him in the original film? #bringbackAsianRaiden

  5. IGN: Why do you always have Scorpion kill Sub-Zero in CGI Trailers?
    Ed Boon: Because Scorpion is my favorite character, also Scorpion don't kill Sub-Zero He abuse him.

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