GRIP: Combat Racing Review

My review of GRIP: Combat Racing for the PC (also available on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch). GRIP is the spiritual successor to Rollcage. A free review copy …


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  1. thank you!!!!THANK YOU SOOOO MUCHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i used to play roll cage when i was really young and accidently deleted it ..but you made rememorize this special memoire ……………..

  2. Tricky shortcuts you enjoyed doing are actually hurting long-term gameplay and competitiveness compared to different routes this game have. GRIP had one notable route (the letterbox) like that, but it got closed due to it being too OP, and becoming a meta route everyone would take by default. And meta's are wrong in a combat racing game.
    The game has it's more or less serious problems, but that still not gonna help the fact you didn't have a fair share of experience with this game as some of your facts you stated are just totally inaccurate and puts the game in a worse color than it actually is.
    You still decided to put on your nostalgia goggles and always refer back to Rollcage, and how good was that. Despite being a spiritual successor, GRIP is it's own IP. Still, nearly everything RC had right, this game also got and just elevated even further. You didn't bother discovering and showing those features tho.
    This review is just as bad and inaccurate as it gets. A downvote for that.

  3. I’ve found that games I absolutely loved as a kid and put many hours of enjoyment into aren’t nearly as fun if at all when I pick it up as an adult.

  4. Regarding the Rubberbanding, this seems exactly like what I'm experiencing in The Crew 2, it is horrendous in that game, my car could be upgraded to twice as much as the recommended level and like he said I could be in 1st place speeding down a straight and then I would look at the mini map and I would see them just gaining on me. Great Review tho. 🙂

  5. All right, I actually have both rc1 and rc2 but I can't play them on my pc no matter what I do. The game runs fine, all the graphics are OK and so on but the game is just too fast no matter what I do. I tried clocking down my I7 to 1 GHz (min state) but even then it is so fast that there is no time to react. Any solutions?

  6. Hmm. I remember playing a game that looked quite a bit like the Rollcage game, but a bit better grafics and with bikes. It was a LONG time ago… Anyone can help me find it?
    I remember the powerups being modules that hover around your vehicle after you pick them up, some powerups having tiers (the missile launcher has more missilese at higher tiers for example), the shield powerup deploying 'legs' from the module over the vehicle that projects a barrier around you, and there being a native weapon to the vehicles that can be charged.

  7. There are around 20 tracks.
    There are probably the best soundtracks with Payday 2 while you are playing.
    The graphics at Epic level are pretty much very satisfying.
    Most of the tracks are very fun to drive once you figured out the way to race them properly.
    You get a new car every 2 levels which take about 5 mins at the beginning and 20 mins in the end.
    (Bad point is that there are not enough good looking cars in my opinion while in rollcage, everytime you had a new car it was even sexier than the previous one).
    The attacks//jumps//boost//reset systems are well done.
    (I'm missing some rollcage stage 2 attacks tho)
    Ai level is more than fair, you can only finish the game if you drive very well.
    It's easier in the early part of the campaign yeah, but you are supposed to learn the tracks accordingly so it's well made.
    The most important part is the multiplayer and car customisation in my opinion for a game like this.
    The multiplayer is stable, it's pretty easy to find a match, there are not a lot of lobbies but since it's 10-players lobbies, it's pretty easy to find one with already 6 players or so.
    Car customisation really needs improvement though, you can have all the colors (not like Rocket League), you have an insane amount of different tyres, some different rims.
    The bad part is for the decals, there are not many and mostly shit ones.
    There is only 4 or 5 different color reparts for each car which is not enough.

    Yeah I agree with the "open world" argument "you find yourself flying around pretty much often" BUT that's the case if you drive like shit.
    Grip isn't the kind of games where you press the throttle during the whole lap, most of the hard tracks require throttle and braking managment if you want to make good laps.
    So it's easy to criticize a game when you suck at it.

    "Pokemon campaign's is hard, when I attack a fire pokemon with a plant attack, it doesn't die"…
    You got it

  8. I bought the game grip because I was a giant fan of Jack x combat racing and the intense speeds. I hope the developers are like no mans sky and add some cool updates. New planets new tracks and some vehicle upgrades. IMAGINE DRIVING DOWN AROUND THE INSIDE OF A VOLCANO

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