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  1. Do not buy a Punkt phone!!! One of my worst purchases ever. The battery lasts maybe 3 days with less than an hr's talk time, text messages come through and the time received and sent is all over the place and never accurate. Received a message yesterday at 5:17pm and the phone says it came through at 6:27pm. I have been trying to return it since I bought it but it has taken firstly 12 and then 16 days to get a response from them and they now say i have to pay to return the faulty product.

    The company is an absolute joke and it has been nothing but hassle, I would tell you how bad their customer service is but can't as its non existent.

    So much for making life simpler!!!

  2. alcohol is an extension of my mind. i feel lacking inadequate without alcohol. i have this nagging fear without it. it's the way i am now, i gotta have it. does not pissing my life away being drunk have its place? yeah, sure. but it's embedded in this relationship.

  3. people who are calling him weak, do u own one of the biggest tech channel on youtube and your job is actually based on the social media ? ok that's what i thought

  4. Lew I was going on a drive around the mountains with my brother and I said Damn I should have taken my phone I could have taken a video of these views and he said Enjoy it in real time. You don't need your phone. My brother doesn't own a smart phone Lew.

    You're right Lew, we have to start taking back our precious time. It's getting like the Star Trek the next gen episode The Game. Look at the people in the streets Lew. They're all walking along staring into their phones. It's weird. That wasn't a failure Lew. That was an epic video. It made us think

  5. hahaha, go read some research on permanent memory loss, increased depression, anxiety ect as the result of smartphones. Then jump back on the challenge… or give me that phone lol. I'm using the nokia 3310 with turned off data, and disconnected most of my social media but I love the looks of punkt.

  6. I don't know if it's just me, but does this video seem kind of defeatist? It kind of seems like he's saying "This new world where we don't have real interactions sucks, but we're trapped here now, and there's no way we can possibly change any of that." Come on man, we're better than that. You're better than that. Sometimes you have to fight for something beautiful. We CAN have meaningful dailiy interactions, meaningful lives, and I'm doing my best to see that through. I'm not always one to talk, since I deal with device addiction, pornography addiction, etc and replace real things with this crap, but I'm not going to just give up and roll over dead. I'm making my life one I can be proud of, one step at a time. Don't give up hope guys. (^_^)

  7. I can live without the smart phone because I'm not into using it outside, I have a computer, I don't need a smart phone, but the problem is when I text, the small flop phones are too damn small to see and type on or else I'm fine with them.

  8. I want a flip phone with the latest specs cameras and awesome camera app… But just a normal flip phone with a powerful processor to make the camera app run fast and beautifully… Than I can switch no problem…

  9. Guys, he is making his income from social media so it is worth it for him, but why you guys spend your valuable time watching punch of clowns and pranks on social media instead of acting like a human?

  10. I made the mistake of getting a smart phone and have had it for a week. I hate it. For some reason it won't do phone calls, I can't get pictures I take with it onto my computer, and it's only good for text. Basically I wanted/want voice, text, and a camera would be nice but not absolutely necessary. I have zero interest in listening to music (I've got everything I've ever heard recorded in my head and have never owned any kind of music storage device except for some tapes and CDs way back when) or playing flappy birds or doing any of the 1000 things people do on their smart phones.

    My smart phone is being returned in a few days and tomorrow I go dumb phone shopping.

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