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  1. Wanderlust is good for you…. the info you provide has an excellent financial viewpoint. I was a diversified risk consultant in 2002 series 6 & 63 with G.E. Financial Assurance, and i quit cuzz i don't do load funds with 5% commission up front for the industry. Gold coins are selling well now.

  2. Do not look at the price. Just realize if you own 1 BTC you are one of 21 million people owning a BTC. Now do the math on an usd or share and you see how unique and part of the future you are.

  3. Bo I wish you would review this video link here: about ac chain coin….no one else is talking about this and it appears to have a huge play in the upcoming crash and reset with the sdr. becoming more valuable than either bitcoin or ethereum and being called the mark of the beast……btw this coin is not avaliable to purchase by anyone living in the usa.

  4. I’m a bitcoin holder, I have 5.3 now, I’m holding. I’m holding tron, xrp. I’m not selling anything. Buying on dips. I’ll trade one day when it gets volatile as fuck again, like last year.

  5. Una vez más el vídeo no tiene subtítulos automáticos y los que no sabemos inglés nos quedamos con las ganas … (Once again the video does not have automatic subtitles and we do not know English we left with the desire…)

  6. I would put a stop loss at right under 3k but could bounce at 2.6 to 2.8 then run up or head to the 1,200 where i think it will go. I like 1200 1800 and the 26to2800 range to start to scale in . if the markets drop bit coin will go up but if yhe markets stay up bitcoin will die until the markets fail. I think we will have 1 last climax in the markets. Like when bit coin whent from 10k to 20k range. No one can predict you can only react.

  7. Accumulating BTC since 2012… Got in on the ground floor with LTC & TrX (for speed) iOST & ZIL (for scalability) NCASH & TNB (for resource buybacks and mining)… Just bought another 100,000,000 HOT NPXS & DENT (for resource buybacks and mining FOR information is knowledge and KNOWLEDGE is POWER) each @12 & @28 sats… Invest with confidence and patience… They WILL ALL 100x – 1000x by 2020! 😉 HODL

  8. Private cryptos are ultimately doomed. The governments will never allow them to flourish. The governments will come up with their own cryptos.

  9. The network is falling apart. 2100 alt coin scams. Exchange hack scams. Mining scams. Now people are trying to find patterns in waves. Buy gold. Crypto can wait till after the war and reset. Go outside and live life people. I haven't been wrong about an effing thing in 2 years. Its scary how right I am constantly and by that I mean daily.

  10. XRP, HOT, BTC, LTC are my hot favourites for the next bull run.

    HOT is less than a cent. You can get a couple hundred thousand for $200-$300, not much of a loss if it doesn't take off but its already up 60% the last few days.

    XRP will make a lot of people rich

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