CBOE VanEck Bitcoin ETF refiled!

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  1. I also think that vanEck and Bakkt know a true bottom is coming and are waiting for it to happen. Once they go forward I think we see a definite turnaround.

  2. It was a temporary withdrawal. Now that the gov is open again they can negotiate with the sec. But the gov. Likely will be shutdown again on Feb. 15 possibly for longer than before. I think they are trying to get this in while the sec can talk.

  3. I understood that there was an issue about the procedures with the SEC that meant that, if a submission for approval wasn't decided upon within a limited time period, it would be accepted by default – i.e. the Bitcoin ETF would be accepted by not being rejected! As this deadline approached and the relevant Government departments were not in work, it was presumably requested that the application be withdrawn and resubmitted in order to reset the clock, so to speak. (I have no idea where this information came from but I heard it as credible at the time.)
    Of course we're still being manipulated etc and thanks for keeping your ears, eyes and communication channel open on our behalf, Sunny. It's all really appreciated.

  4. All iknow that the sec already had made its decision anyone talking about government shutdown is fucking liying but if they know the sec will refuse it why did they withdrawn insted of being refused so get cheaper bitcoin and if they don't wan't bitcoin to dump thats means they r already bought but if they already bought why mention gold as winner something wierd is goin on damn this space is shitty

  5. thanks for the video sunny, but I think you didn´t really make a point here. I think it is good and anticipated. now the countdown will start all over again.

    I will explain it in my video in a couple of hours

  6. if your not a conspiracy theorist your totally asleep and have no idea of how the elite run and manipulate all markets with there etf and derivatives. ETF is pure poison for a true market price .

  7. I'm not quite clear on why Binace offering credit card payment for crypto is such a big deal… I can purchase selected crypto on my decentralized wallet via credit card…

  8. united states has been ineffective in boosting the bitcoin market, maybe it is time for bitcoin(both btc and bch) supporters to turn to japan for hope. as far as i know, the japanese government holds a much more positive and tolerant attitude towards bitcoin, and is more willing to allow bitcoin, both btc and bch, to become legal tender in the country. japan might be the real global bitcoin center, perhaps we are looking at the wrong place all the time.

  9. If the government didn't open back up by the mid Feb deadline the ETF would have been automatically rejected without the SEC even voting on it, that's why they pulled it, .. now they have a fresh 240 days for the SEC to keep hemming and hawing about this etf so if the gov shuts down again temporarily i bet they won't pull it cause they have that new deadline.

  10. Its called…. major investors and banks and governments scare and ban the fuck out of crypto so people panic and sell and or are not allowed to buy…. and then boom once the price is low enough for those same investors talking shit to noobs, they jump in at a very cheap price and history repeats… just look at china, theyve banned crypto like 5 times

  11. Conspiracy Theory ist ein Kampf-Begriff, den die CIA ins Spiel gebracht hat, um Spekulationen um den Tod von JFK zu unterbinden, die von der offiziellen Geschichte abweichen. Seither wird der Begriff eingesetzt, um allen klar zu machen, daß man nicht die Erklärungen der Regierung anzweifeln soll, weil man sonst als Spinner ausgegrenzt werde. Viele Menschen mit schwachem Selbstvertrauen lassen sich dadurch einschüchtern.

  12. Get off the manipulation train. Maybe the last. But this video is bullshit sunny. You use to be a great commentator. Stop reporting on proce action. Look at some STO's and researching the evolution.

  13. I think they were expecting a rejection.
    Withdrawing and reapplying makes a lot of sense to me.
    Manipulation is a bit of a stretch. Smart business move to save face and buy more time might be more accurate.

  14. Hopefully you have heard of V-the Gorilla, he work's on Wall Street a fairly "in the know" position. He said that's normal for ETF's to apply then withdraw their application to crash the price of the investment the ETF is going to trade, so they can buy more of what the ETF is going to trade. If I remember correctly he said it's normal to apply and withdraw 2 or 3 times, so that they can accumulate. So yes it's manipulation and legal but immoral.

  15. Omg! The ETF is back. Here we go off to the moon. Load up your bags. This is the news the whole world has been waiting for. Bitcoin to 7 million dollars by February 2nd 2019. Maybe even the 1st.

  16. Bakkt doesn't exist institutional investment is a lie and the etf is orchestrated to bring the price down. Bakkt won't launch this year. They will delay it into Oblivion. I left for penny stocks sorry but I don't care what I buy as long as I'm making gains I'm happy. And so is everyone else. Nobody ever cares what they buy as long as it goes up and that is a bitcoin killer because if you buy crypto with the motivation to gain Fiat why do it in an unregulated market. Nothing to see here nothing new a bubble that will never come back. They will milk this cash cow until the very end. If you think people will turn to bitcoin during a recession you are delusional. Either way I'm out. Thanks for nothing Bitcoin.

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