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  1. alright saf said it looks official but Samsung has not said that those images are the official S10 and remember that are JUST FUCKIN LEAKS

  2. I think it’s because Samsung/Apple know the smartphone market is saturated. They figure that they can keep there profits the same by raising the prices so much, even people who wait and extra year or two, end up spending on average the same if the phone was cheaper and they upgraded faster. It’s actually a smart business decision. The one flaw is that smartphone companies who make cheaper phones (Chinese companies) can sneakily steal market share by targeting the people who constantly NEED the newest model phone but don’t have enough cash for the premium companies anymore.

  3. The camera in the corner looks so gimmicky and ridiculous. At least with the notch you can put black bars and have the battery/time/etc docked there. If you try that with this it's going to look fucking awful, and take up more space.

  4. Samsung Makes their own display , own processors , own frickin RAM , and even storage and battery
    EVERYTHING is theirs
    they're making a massive profit

  5. just saying… in the phones I saw and reviewed… 6gb is faster then 8…en 4 is close to that speed, idk where I saw a video where they explain it, but even how further you go in storage the harder it gets to android to keep the speed and keep it working… so I don't know if this true but Samsung is going down…

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