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  1. lmao first Trevon James called him suppo idiot for making that video now you calling you him out. at least you gave him respect and called him a og but he is really an og if he have no clue about hash rate and prices

  2. Thank's Sunny for the insight, but I can see it going both ways. I'm wondering how much are they actually selling both during profitable mining vs non profitable. And also how much the market is influenced by hashrate overall compared to the average sentiment?

  3. Well, after the Bitcoin guy you mentioned a few videos ago (Bitcoin Fund Manager) I personally do not believe a lot of youtubers who basically grab their phones, start to either pump or rant about BTC or other cryptos and just base their videos on mere opinions and conjectures, while other youtubers like you, Sunny, the Moon, Your Altcoins or Crypto Crew are the only ones who make valid points based on graphs, patterns, TA, data and some important information, showing the graphs, numbers and the like. So, if this guy claims to be a know-it-all but cannot even understand the basics… Well, I'm not going to listen to that guy…

  4. Venezuela may be true, but after US put a self proclaim puppet cost will be high, just like Syria free housing electric water college coz the country is so ritch in oil it can support it self like Las Vegas and the other City Nevada Casino's cover StateTax so Nevada people dont pay State tax. i like your mining explanation power cost, I LIKE IT

  5. Mining pool from China does not mean that the miners are also from China as well. In fact those pools have different endpoints to connect due to latency, just go to any pool FAQ such as btc, and search by nodes/addresses.

  6. It is a wild and inappropriate assumption to say that mining pools will stop selling when the price is at or lower that production costs.Just like any business you need to worry about cash flow.Since they acrue the cost before earning the BTC then logic would dictate that they need a source of funds to pay that off(or default) regardless of prices.

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