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  1. Unannounced game for 2019 I hope is either Mario galaxy HD collection, Metroid Prime Trilogy HD(as a way to say they're sorry), or Skyward Sword HD minus motion controls.

  2. We need that Metroid Prime Trilogy. This is non-negotiable Nintendo. We need it. Now. We need it NOW. Bring the trilogy, and all is forgiven with the Metroid Prime 4 shenanigans. Props to your U.K. guest btw. Excellent taste in games. #FireEmblem4Life

  3. I think Mario Kart 9 is being developed.
    Keep in mind the team worked on Arms (IIRC?), so they were occupied with that. I'd expect Mario Kart 9 either for the Switch at its end or for a next system. I'm sure they need to come up with something crazy to surpass 8.
    And maybe my prediction is correct and the next MK is actually Nintendo Kart (if all the invited characters in 8 were foreshadowing/testing).

  4. You know what. I love the different hosts every once in a while (or every other week)

    It makes it very entertaining, interesting, and let's us await a surprise every week.

  5. I just finished Xeodrifter on the Switch, which I picked up during the e-shop sale. I was really suprised when i saw the credits: music by Brian Altano. Really nice!
    What's the story behind it? 🙂
    I've already watched your episode with Jools from atooi last year. Have I missed anyting?

    I really enjoy the NVC casts this year, SWITCHing the host seems to be a good idea! Thanks for the great work 🙂

  6. I owned that sumo game here in europe it came out in europe back in the day so the question is why the hell not for european markets? Also it was really fun to play as a child.

  7. If you count the hand held versions of Mario Kart, the longest gap would be the current one we are in now. But not counting that would be the first two games, Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart 64 which was four years for Japan and five years for the US and Europe.

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