Bitcoin Almost TOO Quiet Right Now…? Another FAKE Satoshi?! SEC Crypto Regulatory Clarity | Tippin

#Bitcoin continues sideways. Almost too quiet? SEC crypto regulatory clarity, another fake Satoshi, Localbitcoins new AML & KYC, MetaMask scam malware, Tippin, Bakkt, hedge funds vs VCs, crypto news, and more!

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0:01 Markets 〽️
3:13 Conspiracy chart?
5:27 All the money in the world:
6:45 ICO problems:
8:05 SEC guidelines:
8:48 SEC tweet:
9:08 Crypto Mom to the rescue!
9:37 ICE to spend $20+ million on Bakkt:
10:42 Tippin:
12:11 Sun vs Vitalik:
13:28 Too far?
13:55 Satoshi’s Real Identity?
15:11 Latest tweet:
16:04 Fraud on Bitcoin Cash Network?
16:27 MetaMask SCAM:
17:59 Brave (BAT) CEO responds:
18:55 Bitcoin legal in 111 countries:
20:27 LocalBitcoins AML, KYC:
22:27 Coinbase alternatives:
22:59 Most crypto hedge funds aren’t actually:
24:23 Bloomberg perspective:
25:18 LTC ATM:
25:34 ? Who did this?

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Bitcoin Bull Run is Inevitable, Just a Matter of WHEN? Harvard Cryptographer: “Crypto is Useless”

Watch this video again because it’s awesome:

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  1. Awesome getting updates from your channel. I subbed about a month ago and your fast paced market recap from different sources is not just super informative but also entertaining. Also, fantastic super memorable branding. There is not doubt your channel will increase exponentially like bitcoin and the crypto space. And unlike many other youtubers you are not trying to sell a trading course, etc.

    For those new people, if you are signing up for an exchange you might want to consider using his link. Doesn't cost you anything but it does make a difference for those pushing out great content like this.

  2. Another fake Satoshi, are you stupid? Craig Wright is prob Satoshi by Gavin Andreson, the first care taker of the BTC GitHub. He was in favour of big blocks so after the big banks took over BTC they fired Gavin to purposely keep BTC from scaling when the major bull run hit. BTC is trash and the team has proven they incompetent. How long will you continue to shill shit coins and further help all these shit coins steel money? BSV is the original, peer to peer instant transactions low fee Bitcoin.

  3. Lol at the intro! That was my feeling when NTS from Nauticus Exchange went up 50% in the bear market ? and they're not even in their full launch yet! It's a very promising exchange!

  4. Yo K-dub, I watch your videos every morning on my way to work. I’ve been asking this question to some people and I’m curious what you think. I’ve had this thought for a while. And I didn’t think anything of it until we saw that last bull candle. Lite coin announced the implementation of nimble wimble and had a huge percentages upwards for a minute there and it just seemed like instead of bitcoin pulling the alt coins up, it seemed like an alt coin pulled bitcoin up on that last bull candle. I can’t help but think that bitcoin is heavily influenced by OTC markets where investors buy and sell bitcoin keeping it out of the market and miners mining bitcoin selling their mined bitcoin in OTC markets so they don’t drive the price of bitcoin down in the market. Not to mention bitcoin is the most popular and has the biggest target on its back for market manipulation. My question is, do you think bitcoin just served as a proof of concept by Satoshi and eventually another alt coin will take over because of the alt coins not being as subject to market manipulation and OTC markets? I would very much like to be wrong about this, but what do you think?

  5. I am pretty sure that there has to be a buzz, a positive rumor, a sensation floating in the air, a sense of opportunity to start buying bitcoins, the fall has just happened, unfortunately, we will have to wait months to see a real recoveryry

  6. I think the comparison with gold is a good one but look at it differently. Compare the 1st 10 yrs of BTC with the 1st 10 Yrs that gold was traded. ie. look at the 1980 gold peak as the 2017 20K BTC peak. They look very similar on a log scale and this would explain the lifecycle of any such bubble.

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  8. I am Satoshi Nakamoto. Why do people think I can move a fraction of Bitcoin out of my wallet. I agreed to lock it for 20 years, so I can't move it for now.

  9. I’m so close to buying my first crypto I’m just going to start with bitcoin so I’ve been watching a fuck ton of videos and I must say this is one of the best so far thanks
    I think I agree With your point about Not being so freaked out about Getting the lowest low because hair relative to the height it doesn’t have much more to go down and it’s a huge difference and right… I forget where I saw it maybe it was from you but that gold chart compared to crypto bitcoin damn that’s one of the most impressive things ever. I’m glad you showed that because I might’ve forgotten…

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