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  1. Based on the show and how they exhibited their powers from most powerful to least: 1. Vanya, 2. no. 5, 3. Luther, 4. No. 2, 5. Allison, 6. Klaus, 7. Ben (he dead).

    Based on the potential of their power from most powerful to least: 1. Allison (mythical power, since it can shape and alter reality which is basically cheating), 2. No. 5 (mythical power, time traveling if properly controlled can be a serious cheating ability), 3. Klaus (mythical power, if he can conjure up the power of any dead being), 4. Ben (mythical power, he can conjure any dimensional monster), 5. Vanya (physical-realm power – sound wave based, trumps all physical power), 6. Luther (physical power, brute strength), 7. No. 2 (physical power, I can throw knives and pout, yay).

    But in practice, the mythical powers won’t be able to be fully utilized without the protection and assistance from the physical-based ones and that is why their father put them together as a team. They are only unstoppable as a team.

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