Bitcoin Crypto Expert Shares His Predictions For 2019 & 2020 (Ivan On Tech Interview)

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency expert Ivan On Tech answers a handful of questions asked by viewers like you! He will be sharing his predictions for 2019 and 2020.

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About the Author: Ryan Scribner


  1. Yes! Superb explanation of what makes crypto so great and revolutionary. Hit all the major points and debunked popular skepticism. Great interview—valid questions, no incessant interruptions or frivolous debates. Would love to see more crypto experts like Ivan educate about this space.

  2. Cryptocurrency is a completely open source technology. Complicating transaction methods with numerous different coins is not revolutionary. You are not buying profitable companies, you are buying made-up coins on technology that's already completely 100% open source. Absolutely nothing special about this. People need to realize the difference between technology and the coins themselves.

  3. A programmer is making predictions about Bitcoin? Actually it is proven many times that "any monkey can pick up stocks better than any expert". The same situation is on Bitcoin now. On every corner we see a predictors and "advisers" who promise hundreds and thousands percent of growth and others predict the crash.
    What I want to see is the exact numbers. I mean if they have reliable trading systems, they must have real backtest numbers, wining percentage, avg win/avg loss, profit factor and so on. If they don't have any systems and just put on their intuitions, they are talking b#llsh#t.
    Give any numbers, please about "shorting bitcoin" 15:05 ?

  4. Nice video Ryan – My problem with crypto is that who is going to put money into an asset class that can rise by 1000% one year and fall by 90% the next year. I don't see why people even in corrupt countries would want that rather then say USD or hard cash? If you want that kind of excitment you could just buy shares in GE I guess 🙂

  5. Realizing how stupid and uneducated people negative to bitcoin are is making me extremely bullish. Bitcoin halvening is in less than two years. Don't know what I'm talking about? Well, stick your traditional investments up your bum, because you need to read up on monetary basics and the revolution that is Bitcoin. Don't like what you just read? Remember this comment in three years son

  6. I tried my best to finish, Crypto just doesn't do it for me. I'm looking forward to your real-estate journey. Let me know what the markets like up north when you begin! I heard Rental rates are very good in Albany.

  7. Cryptocurrency will go up either the end of this year or next year. The market is waiting for US approval on a few projects to push the entire market up. There is still a possibility it could go lower this year but I think we will see more sideways movement for a few more months.

  8. A cryptocurrency to keep in mind is Electroneum. Helping bank the unbanked using mobile cryptocurrency is their vision and are exponentially growing in terms of registered users every day

  9. I enjoyed hearing about crypto, especially the business and technology applications. I'm interesting in seeing where crypto goes and its future development. Please do more videos about this in the future.

  10. This is like the dot com bubble. So in the crypto space there are some projects that in the future will be awesome. Those who find these projects and invest into them will be rich, no matter what.

  11. Though cryptocurrency might be a future of money, till today there are so many hurdles to be crossed to gain the confidence of the people at large. Lack of regulatory framework, political issues, user experience, lack of support, high volatility, resistance from the establishment, lack of technical understanding, no protection against fraud is preventing people to invest in cryptocurrency for long term. Of so many cryptocurrencies, how many will see a light of tomorrow is a big question. In these circumstances, interviews like this give some solace, however I am skeptical about the future. There are many examples are technological failures in spite of very good potential.

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