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  1. The Tesseract has been everywhere !!!! On top of that its the space stone too and Thanos uses it to portal wherever he is now and who ever put the stone in that cube to begin with whether it was Odin or someone unknown. They used it too to portal different places. That damn stone saw a lot !!!! Lol but now sfter Endgame what will they do to the infinity stones ?

  2. The reason she looks like she hasn't aged is probably bc she had a Kree blood transfusion which she could survive bc of her powers from the space stone. The Kree age just at a much slower rate then humans and that is why she looks the same just like Ronan looks the same in Guardians 1

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  4. The movie doesnt explain anything from how shes able to absorb kree energy, why the skrulls and kree hate each other, the movie is a mess of lore ruining events that were shoehorned in. It's kind of bad…

  5. Did they totally disregard the first occurrence of the SHIELD acronym? I thought Coulson first officially called it SHIELD in Iron Man 1???

  6. All white men is evil? Russians is evil? Black life form is slaves? If end credits doesn't tell that than it's waste of time…

  7. So even though the tesseract was in the ocean between WW2 and the 21st century and after that was kept by Sheild and then on Asguard… It's somehow in the cat between all this??

  8. So is someone gonna mention or rather ask an important question
    regarding the Tesseract/Space stone – How did Mar-vell/Lawson get a hold
    of it? before the events of this film it was in the hands of Howard
    Stark after he found it at the bottom of the sea where Cap 'Murica

  9. Captain Marvel can teleport.
    So she learn instant transmission like Goku.
    Basically Captain Marvel is Female Goku. Can transform Super Saiyan and suddenly appear front black widow.

  10. Not really sure if this is a spoiler. I know alot of people want Shuri to be IronHeart.. But who thinks Maria Rambos daughter will end up being the new Iron Man?

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