#4 Top 20 Epic fails drone compilation 2018

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1 DJI SPARK | Crash at End

2 Mavic Pro Crash RIP 2017-2017

3 DJI Spark Active Track Fail

4 Epic Drone Crash

5 I Believe I can Fly | Drone Crash

6 First drone crash – hit tree

7 Dji Mavic Pro Drone Crash

8 Dji Inspire 2 (DRONE) CRASH! – Rally Sweden 2018

9 Mavic pro saves mavic pro xD

10 Drone crash

11 My worst DJI Spark drone crash by now (30 feet crash)

12 dron wypadek

13 The unboxing, flying, crashing, and customer service of DJI’s MAVIC PRO drone.

14 Drone crash

15 Mavic Crashed Filming Inspire 2 Over Water

16 GoPro Karma Drone Crash in Follow Me Mode

17 drone fail

18 Dji Drone Crash! in Punta Cana

19 DJI PHANTOM 3 SE – Drone shot + crash

20 Drohne vs. Baum / drone crash / multicopter vs. tree


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