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  1. Can we have hyper light drifter on sale for PS4 for a decent low price then, to bring in new customers for this.. PLEASE.. It's still pretty expensive for a game a few years old.

  2. Games published by Annapurna make up like, 75% of the titles available on the Epic Store, so it's not super shocking that they would be pushing it.

  3. i'm into it. i didn't like hyperlight drifter though, not much variety in the gameplay, used the weapons the same way the whole game and the enemy types didn't really change anything up, the movement was interesting though but they didn't really give us a progression for using it

  4. So so, HLD impressed me much more. You try to experiment, but i think it will be your fail. I am not hating, but it looks so weak to HLD. I wanted to watch and watch your kickstarter's trailer. Not this time.

  5. well people again will attack epi game stores yep me neither i dont like fortnite but commun they help small indie games to gain more of thwir games not like steam when they get 40% and u still get card games from valve . but yep they need to improve epic store

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