11 Mysterious Videos That Cannot Be Explained

From last known sightings of people that disappeared mysteriously to inexplicable traffic accidents and ghostly sightings, we look at 11 mysterious videos that cannot be explained.
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  1. Lady in elevator leaves a faint shadow where she stood against walls. you forgot to mention the third car being lyft ed on viewer's right side . Guadalajara is pronounced guadala HA ra

  2. I am terrified right now….. i was expecting some comments (like its fake) or (its not real) to make me feel better but there seems to be none

  3. anyone notice when the girl leaves the elevator, she walks out and it's almost is if a 3rd foot or another person's foot moves after shes gone? worth noting I think! kinda weird might be just the angle?

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  6. The second video is an acted movie with very bad and simple special effects. The "flicker" in the security film is a very basic effect you can find in any video editing program. Also, if you forgot, security cameras don't have sound.

    11. Mittank has a new identity and is being kept secret by a Secret Service or Organization to protect him.
    10. Chinese woman has a mental illness and she remembered something from the past and got triggered
    9. A man from 2045 used a time machine to correct his mistake and used an invisible armor to escape
    8. A secret passage on that certain building is there
    7. Stalker stalks their loved ones. If they don't love back, this will happen to them.
    6. It's just a gust of wind.
    5. A man from 2045 escaped from the police officer but reversed back to another timeline

  8. When I was cross countring on a highway in night in absolute darkness (with my dark radiance only), an up coming auto rickshaw turned upside down without any reason, perhaps out of scare or thinking me to be a ghost,with every body inside unhurt, in a hurry they straightened the vehicle & fled ! The vehicle parted from left side, came right, almost to hit me, but now I remember, I was not shaken inside, only some worrying to understand why it was coming towards me ? Strangely what contributed to my coolness, I do not know, normally I do get scared ! Perhaps an altered state, but I never felt different or unconscious!##### Right now for last 6 months I am listening to strange loud sound in the vicinity of about 25 metres continuously& regularly from midnight to 7 am, but no harm

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