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  1. Hybrid product sounds interesting. I still think that eventually it goes to smartphone cameras becoming so good that unless one makes Hollywood quality pictures nearly everything else is going to be done on a phone. I guess there is tiny niche for journalism/alternative movie producers,which might need means of production on a go. Development of completely new design is expensive, but perhaps that's what future of electronics is going to be most profitable – in development of smaller projects designed for narrow specific markets. Perhaps people like you should start to think about experiments like these. Parts from China create some models and see if it's catching. Is it possible that between 3D printing and parts being cheaper people like you could actually start to create and produce devices themselves? The thing isn't really to have knowhow as much as understand the market – being so saturated and you of all people might understand, what people might still be looking for better than some marketing department in in multi-billion corporation… Just bundle of thoughts…

  2. Well , there is a super camera that does what you want .Interchangable lenses, touch screen interface , super pics,easy sharing.
    It's called the Leica TL2 and it's an awesome camera, a bit expensive , about 3800 3900 bucks , but totally right up your alley dude !

  3. okay I still don't think you're giving this thing a fair shake but it's your opinion and that's what I'm taking this video as your opinion not fact and this will not be the most expensive smartphone you own because you know you're going to get the Galaxy fold when it comes out

  4. I’m currently using 👁Phone 8. But I’d love to lay my yummy 😋 hands on 👁Phone XS MAX 😍🤣 Unbox therapy, please make it happen bruh.
    🍎 gang for life!!!

  5. Let’s say red take up this idea and has a bright future and makes millions, i just want to know , will lew then demand a take in that because it was his idea about the product line ….

  6. Lew, you mean like a handycam with interchangeable lenses but it runs android????? And its made by Red???? So if that will happen, how many people are going to buy because im sure its gonna be way above $2k. If im gonna share my photos videos over the internet, im better off with oneplus 6, much better value for money

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