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DRL is the first professional race series for FPV drone racing. The Drone Racing League brings the world’s best pilots together to fly the DRL quadcopters head-to-head through new exciting neon-lit race courses. Drone Racing is the sport of the future, and you can find all of the full races, crashes, and competition on www.thedroneracingleague.com and here on youtube.com/c/thedroneracingleague.


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  1. Being totally serious right now, this sounds like music that would be in one of the stages in a Sonic the Hedgehog game….am I right??

  2. Awesome! They need some changeable pointy arrows for some course changes and some motion reactive scenery though, like checkpoint hoops that change colour as they pass through them so they have to pick an active hoop, or revolving target areas so that there's some random changes in every course run for them to aim for, otherwise it's just 'get through the exact same course again' every time which will get repetitive real quick.

  3. One thing that needs to be integrated are race transponders (if they're not already being used). Because I think that racing would become more exciting (specially for newcomers) if there was a sort of "mini map" showing where pilots are in the track?

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