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  1. Guys, is it too much to ask for you to be self aware as well as aware of your surroundings?

    Ultimate review? Skill Up just released a fucking 52 minute review video for this game, and it's PART 1 OF 2.

    Fuck off with this title. How clickbait can you be?

    Only positive I'm seeing here is you are a 7 minute video and not 10:15 for that juicy ad revenue.

  2. This is the second review I have seen that thought the game needed politics . Let me stop you right there . No it does not . The very scene you point to , the Vietnam scene .
    As I played that with a random person we talked about how cool that scene was as we were in it . I made a joke at the end , now we can say we were in nam together . Friend request was sent and the good times rolled.
    It was a fun setting , fast and exciting , even unexpected. How could that have been improved on by stopping to inject some political drivel ?
    The last thing that needed was to be tainted with that BS .
    This is a outbreak scenario game not preachy political opinion simulator.

  3. Stop fucking comparing shit to anthem…. Ur basically patting a game on the back for doing basic shit from 2002 at this point … Don't be like oh wow being able to change loadout is refreshing,!

  4. The only real let down with this game is the dark zone it has copied on from the last couples of updates on div 1. i never liked that update then and dont now. It has made the the dark zone boring. The dark zone is supposed to be hard and dangerous that is the buzz of when you enter you know you're in for some serious shit. Players killing each other and going rogue without this new bs way of holding select. If you cant handle it dont go in the dark zone, i got fucked up more than most its about adapting and learning. the other thing i dont like about this dark zone in the 3 small dark zone id prefer one big dark zone. Its so disappointing who thought this was a good idea?

  5. Great review but my god, did you really have to make your character look like a robodyke? I haven’t seen an uglier character but when you put that black condom on her head, it brings out new levels of hideous

  6. Will all these reviewers talking nonsense about the lack of politics in this game please shut up. Thank God there is nothing overtly political in this game, we get enough of that crap in all our other media.

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