Ripple XRP: Bitcoin Price Projection Models Between $190k – $1.4M. Where Could This Put XRP?

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Binance CEO Reveals Bitcoin and Crypto Trading Frenzy – BTC, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin Forecast

Binance CEO Reveals Bitcoin and Crypto Trading Frenzy – BTC, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin Forecast

Billionaire Crypto Whale Targets Bitcoin (BTC) at $100K – Plus Ripple and XRP, Tron, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, Augur, Maker

Billionaire Crypto Whale Targets Bitcoin (BTC) at $100K – Plus Ripple and XRP, Tron, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, Augur, Maker

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2019 – BTC Price to Touch $23500 in 2019

Bitcoin Prediction: BTC To Hit $100,000 In The Next Five Years

Bitcoin Prediction: BTC To Hit $100,000 In The Next Five Years

CZ calls $4000 a bad day and $300k a good day: BTC price prediction?

Peter Todd Favors Bitcoin Inflation to Support the Value of the Coin

Blockstream CEO Issues Bitcoin Prediction, $500k/BTC Possible After Gold “Flippening”

Blockstream CEO Issues Bitcoin Prediction, $500k/BTC Possible After Gold “Flippening”

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  1. XRP to a billion dollars a coin. And a McDonald's happy meal to a trillion dollars. Just kidden just kidden and no I'm not smoking anything. I'm just being dumb. Now for a serious thought. XRP will go to $100 within 2 years.
    On an ultra conservative prediction I will say $7.

    So $7 to $100.

  2. There's roughly 200 trillion in wealth collectively owned in the entire world, so you can start with that figure as your upper limit and start working your way down for btc. I did this in my head so you might to double check it, but that would equal $10,000,000 per btc. Gold isn't just owned by Indians and people waiting for the end of the world, central banks are big holders, so to think that 7 trillion is nothing is silly. Putting it at gold's market cap would give you $350,000 per coin. But I think that's still too optimistic. Central banks aren't going to sell off all their gold and buy btc, but some individual owners might, and countries might even sell off a portion and buy btc with it. So half of gold's market cap goes into btc. That gives you about $175,000 per coin. However, why would everyone just buy btc? Are all the alts going to go away? I can't see a world where that happens and btc remains healthy. BTC is half of the market so we'll go with that. About $88000 per coin, and since I didn't include the current market cap in you can go with 100k as a rough target. Population is still increasing, but inflation will be too, so I'd say the cancel each other out and you can figure (hope) for btc to equal 100k in today's dollars at some point.

  3. shouldn't the crypto market and adoption being rapidly accelerating?….another 4 year cycle seems like an eternity. Also, if XRP only goes up the same % as BTC then it will be a complete failure. With all the hype, it has to do multiples of BTC or else every XRP supporter will look like a fool…a million videos and news stories later and all it does is track BTC?…that would be a disaster

  4. A movement from 1c to 2c is far easier to achieve than a movement from $10 to $20, even though both are a double in price. I'm not sure the logic is as simple as you're suggesting here.

  5. We find galaxy and other things using maths why not prediction of crypto price. Nice work WMC. John McAfee is right .

  6. We are definitely over the half way mark now in this bear market. We all just have to keep believing. We have lasted this long through the longest crypto bear market ever. We have perhaps a few more months to keep Ajd buying and change our lives. We don’t need to come out kf tgis with lambos if we can buy a house and pay it off in full we are already 20-30 years ahead of most people. 200k bitcoin should be enough for most of us to make this happen

  7. I think you're absolutely right, also take a look at what Susan from Esoteric Trading calculated last year … XRP after 1 year $ 124 after 2 years $ 334 and after 3 years $ 892 ….??

  8. I actually feel bad for people who bought xrp instead of Bitcoin.
    Listen BANKS using ripple doesnt add value to your xrp tokens

  9. Two words: FUTURES MARKET. That means the price is always going to have an anchor to reality or be tamed. Check history and every asset.

  10. BTC took over 1 hour yesterday to get from my Binance account to Coinbase. In this day and age that is a disgrace. XRP takes seconds once confirmed. Why is BTC still used to transfer crypto or for Bitpay? Takes too long and obviously LTN is not in place or It would be there fast. It is not..When are we going to get Wirex in the U.S. or a credit card-debit card with XRP as a currency pair in it?

    Thank goodness Coinbase has trading pairs for XRP and XLM now. You can send that anywhere FAST and trade to whatever crypto when you get there. See? That is a use case right there. When I need to transfer or trade I do not have time to wait around for miners in China to line their pocket and wait an hour before even confirming transactions.

  11. In 2013 when BTC was around $100 people in the space often laughed at anyone who projected it would eventually hit $1,000. The trend is our friend. I don't doubt these figures for the long run; I think it's just a matter of when.

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