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  1. I don't want to know ANYTHING about the content of the spoiler but does someone know what sort of content they contain. Is it plot points or just move of what we alreasy have. I repeat. I don't want specifics.

  2. Spoiler Free: I read someone description of it "what's called perfect summary" but it's NOTHING you wouldn't expect, in fact it's things we semi-know them, one was spoiled by toys

  3. The footage is that all the characters, dead and alive all come back together for the final battle at the end and are all in a line and Steve says "Avengers Assemble" and Steve throws Thor's mjolnir hammer(even though it was destroyed) and they all run towards thanos and his army

  4. “On your left” falcon enters the comms saying to captain America and all the avengers arrive . Thor has his long hair back and Cap is wielding his old hammer and beats the poop out of Thanos. Spider-Man and iron man had a father and son moment and Captain America yells “avengers assemble” or “avengers resemble” I couldn’t hear it that well and they all charge at Thanos. The first order is back and professor hulk is in it as well.

  5. Captain America dies in endgame and then tony stark gives a speech also the Avengers will travel back to the first Avengers fight scene to collect infinity stones at where Captain America will fight himself from the past

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