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  1. Another childhood’s favorite getting butchered just to make a few bucks…damn you Hollywood.
    And I ain’t hype about the whole Alexa thing either!

  2. U gotta be kinda of a freak to be buying a toy like chucky, specially nowadays where kids are scared of their own fckn shadow, and they don’t even care about toys no more. My point? Chucky is pretty much irrelevant in this time and era.

  3. OMG!!!!! this movie is coming out on my WTF Birthday and crash team racing woww mann this is going to be amazing Day!!!!!

  4. Chucky must of gotten "plastic surgery" (see what I did there) I could've sworn he had multiple scars on his face & head ?

  5. so no one is talking the boy's name is andy and so was the boy in toystory and the toys came to life in that but in this its all technology that is bring chuckie to life

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