The BEAST – SG906 GPS Camera Drone – A Very Popular full featured drone

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This video is PART 1 of my review of the SG906 BEAST drone. To keep the costs low, the drone uses the power of your cell phone processor to stabilize the video vice a big sensor and chip in the drone. NOTE: My camera module died (it happens) and GeekBuying is sending me a replacement so that I can finish the video portion. This drone is at a great price here on GeekBuying:
ZLRC SG906 Beast
One battery – $139.99 with coupon code: SG906O
Two battery with bag- $169.99 with coupon code: SG906T
Three battery with bag – $189.99 with coupon code: SG906TH

GoPro Hat:
Square Landing Pad SMALL:
STUDIO UNBOXING CAMERA: Panasonic 4K Camcorder:
STUDIO LIGHTING: Studio Softbox:

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  1. Have you done a review on the HUBSAN ZINO? It also has 4K 2-3 axis camera on it but a lot of firmware updates. Looks just like the beast only white.

  2. Big props to Cap'n for making the best of bad conditions
    Dirt cheap drone with a 4K camera, good battery life limited range and no DVR
    Maybe a useful step up from the drones you find in the Walmart toy aisle
    All things considered, save your money and for a few bucks more you can buy the discounted DJI Spark original once the Spark II comes out

  3. Okay this had a chance to be that drone. To bad the camera broke and I still don't understand and I know I keep harping on it a 2K video camera, why not give it a even 2 axis gimbal? Sometime someones gotta step up and say here it is and this is the cost buy me! I'm ready to throw money I just need a target. DJI doesn't just need to keep getting my/our money. There has to be a company somewhere to do this. Great job Steve always point out the good and bad. Price needs to be addressed seems like it's a fight to the bottom when they need to stop and rethink what they all are try to do.

  4. Ugn, 2K streaming video, not gonna be good. All the other aspects of the drone looked great however. Thanks for the review CD!

  5. Needs a 'button' to enable active switching between GPS mode and follow me as getting follow me and POI is a little flaky. If they produce an upgraded camera with Dvr and better quality imaging it will be an unbeatable quad for the price.

  6. Thank you so much for your vedio,I have been waiting for this vedio since long time .
    I had a question which drone is better epic JJPRO X5 or beast SG906
    I have notice that its camera although its 4k but it's a bit too shaky

  7. Hello how do u no if your cell phone is 802.11 ac… show me please…help me… thank u…. I want to buy one… but u said make sure your cellphone is 802.11ac….. I have Verizon 4lte

  8. Hi Cap! GREAT review. Thanks for putting the flaws out there at the beginning of the video. I appreciate it very much. Too bad about lack of onboard dvr. I like that controller and range. It looks like one of the more solid choices in it's price bracket. Quality Control is not reassuring 😱 Thanks for the first rate info! Stay Warm!! We had 80°F in Rochester NY by some miracle yesterday for a minute, it can't be far off for you. Happy Flying!! Best regards, Glenn

  9. 👍👍👍🇷🇺🙂
    Well done 👏 very interesting quadrocopter
    This is mavic air + mavic pro + Hubsan zino
    Where do you find such interesting specimens 👍
    I always watch your videos with great pleasure!
    Could you show how he shoots to his native camera?
    I also wanted to buy one 🙂
    But I did not see how he shoots the video! And it holds me back …
    Вы молодец 👏 очень интересный квадрокоптер
    Это mavic air +mavic pro +Hubsan zino
    Где вы находите такие интересные экземпляры 👍
    Я всегда смотрю ваши видео с большим удовольствием !
    А вы могли бы показать как он снимает на свою родную камеру ?
    Я тоже захотел такой купить 🙂
    Но я не увидел как он снимает видео ! И это меня сдерживает …

  10. My Onepaa X2000 arrived! Gonna try it on my Z5 drone if it is not too heavy. F11 would be more capable. And maybe this 'Beast' too?
    Here's the thing. I think there should be more cheap drones for 3th party cameras. And they don't have to be FPV. You simply press the record button and start flying. Why spend money on a so-so camera on a drone when all you need is low resolution FPV?
    But….I am not an expert. Feel free to cal me an idiot.

  11. I have been waiting for a good review as hopefully this will be my first drone. I have liked, subscribed and hit notifications 😆. Thinking of getting it from tomtop but I dont know if that's a good idea.

  12. Captain! Once again, I really enjoyed your review of this drone! As much as I like all the features included with this drone, why in the world would they not include a port for a MicroSD card? Blows my mind! If I understood you correctly, the only way you can access your 4K (or 2K-whichever it actually has), is to download the photos and video to your cell phone🤪! So, to see the images on my 5K iMac, I would have to save the images in “Photos”, and provided they are backed up on iCloud, can then view them on my computer (whew!) Is that correct, Captain? Just seems like an awkward way to do it😩! Other than that, I do like the drone with its long flight time and features. Loved your review….until next time….😃🛩

  13. Good review …'s broken already definitely pass on this one….off topic had a horrible experience with Tom Top … Spark flymore combo came with dead battery been going around in circles they could do was give me a $25 credit …poorest customer service I have ever seen and I'm pushing 60. beware!

  14. Strapping the Mobius to the drone is about the only thing that got me excited. Having said that however the Captain's professionalism shines brightly.

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