I Really Hope This is True – Bitcoin Divergence

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I Really Hope This is True – Bitcoin Divergence

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– Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.

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  1. Dam🤔 I feel I am going to be the man in the Alains Morrissette song, old man turns 98 Bitcoin go’s to million and he dies the next day, and isn’t it ironic 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Bitcoin will have to upgrade its cryptography to be immune from quantum computer attacks in order for it to be worth anything in 2045. If that happens, then yeah… I agree. If not, no.

  3. I think those that treat bitcoin as a store of value and are in for long term, 2045 is a reasonable assumption. If id put this money elsewhere would I get the same gains. I am willing to risk that no, BTC will be worth the risk.

    Great videos as always, keep it up!

  4. I’ll be 80 in 2045. I can see it now: the grandkids sitting at my feet in front of the fire. ‘Grandpa, tell us about the time before bitcoin was the global currency. What is this US dollar that we were learning about it history today?’

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  6. Bitcoin is nothing but just avoiding central banking. All banks have their accounts in the central bank of their respective countries. Central banks are the bankers' banks. "All the deposits and valuable in the possession of a bank are deemed to be in the possession of the central bank of that country". A central bank use the liquidity of the member banks for the borrowing needs of the people of that country. In the case of bitcoin it is not happening. As bitcoin doesn't have a unit, it is not considered a currency it is an asset like a painting.

  7. If bitcoin and others are gonna be a currency to have it at $8k is is stupid, the only reason it goes up is when new coins are released
    So based on the mining capabilities the coin is still worthless it’s a hype on the stock market and with falling gdp all over the world you’d have to be a fool to transfer your savings into this market…

  8. Look at the daily chart going back 2 years, every time it drops past 21 EMA it retraces back to previous lows and then goes on a rally again. Don't just hold.

  9. If only I could live till 2045, I’d definitely hold onto some BTC. I’d be approaching 90 by then, and what would I do with a million dollar BTC, then? 🤔😅

  10. In 2045 Blockchain industry dominates the world. Cryptocurrencies are preferred method of transactions, fiat is still around but only Rappers use them in their music videos.
    John Mcafee is 100 years old and has a huge naked statue in the Bahamas , but it’s missing a penis. Satoshi Nakamoto becomes first Trillionaire in the world , but just like my father he’s still unknown.
    Craig Wright admits BTC SV is a scam and that he also enjoys incest porn and fingering his butthole with chocolate ice cream.
    3rd world countries are thriving with mass adoption of cryptos . Mark Zuckerberg was sent to a remote island in the Pacific Ocean to live by himself, cunt , he was last seen being chased by primitive beings with bows and arrows. Crypto daily is an Oracle for cryptos with his own sacred temple located in the Maldives. WW3 almost started when Vladimir Putin lost his Nano Ledger Z , luckily he found it. And yes I am Time traveler.

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