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  1. In many shots the samsung s4 zoom was soft, and in some shots the nokia was over saturated so i think it comes to personal preference but i would choose the samsung s4 zoom . Great review aswell.

  2. I know old video, but, because you're scrolling up/down while showing the pictures, YouTube gives a lot of JPEG compression artifacts because of the movement, when showing comparison – just have the pictures stand still 🙂

  3. Nokia Lumia 1020 bohot Atcha hai, uske pass Samsung Galaxy s4 camera jeisa Lambi Hone wala Lens nahi hai fir v Lumia 1020 Win hai aur S4 camera fail hai.

  4. Mmmmmm, Nokia 1020 wins but the problem with Nokia that it doesn't install nice game that's the only problem but gooooooooood job.

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