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  1. Considering the fact that IGN constantly bashes on every Sonic game to come out no matter how good or "bad" it is, they're already dead to me. 😛

  2. They slob all over Call of Duty's cock for doing the same damn thing every year, but any other franchise does something different it gets unfairly bashed.

  3. So what I have done is simply found an independent reviewer who I have found to be honest by experiencing there recommendations and judging wheter or not they are accurate. Lately I have been using Jim Sterling as I have found I have agreed with his reviews about 85% of the time. But at least his opinion is not paid for.

    FINE PRINT: Paid for by Jim Fucking Sterling Son

  4. Easy way to put an end to this: don't advertise games. Plenty of other advertisers will buy up advert real estate on your web site.

  5. No Matter What (Rather It's Video Games, Movies, TV Show, Technology, Books, etc) ALL Critic Reviews Are Paid For.

    4 Major Reasons Why I Don't Trust Critic Reviews:

    1) They're All Paid For.

    2) They Probably Never Played The Game, Used The Technology, Watch The TV Show, Read The Book, Or Watched The Movie.

    3) Some Of Them Probably Don't Have An Interest In What They're Reviewing.

    4) Some Reviews Can Be Bias.

  6. Fuck ign. gave witcher a bad score for not having enough black people in medieval poland. bish wtf. and now made a whole video suggesting black actors play geralt of rivia… just why

  7. There is something a little fishy about IGN when it comes to reviews. I remember the one reviewer who was a complete asshole when he gave doom 2016 a 7.0 when in reality it's a solid 9.4 at least for most of us that enjoyed the hell out of that game. Another example is that when they finally decided to review fortnite after it became mainstream they gave it a 9.6. A 9.6? To them it's better than the witcher 3, uncharted 4, skyrim, rise of the tomb raider, batman: arkham series and so many actual good games that are better than fortnite. IGN is the most corrupt company as much as EA. Don't get me wrong, I think fortnite is a good game just not a 9.6 but at least a 7.

  8. fuck ign…..fuck em all …..fuck the reviews….all you need to do is just check the gameplay.if the gameplay is good…then buy and play that's it……………ign finds bug that you cant see

  9. Does anyone remember when someone from IGN gave Dragon Age 2 an eight point something out of ten review score?

    Do you also remember that same reviewer getting a job at Bioware a few months later? What an amazing coincidence (yeah, right).

  10. Doom is a 10/10 game and they gave the game 7.1 because of (in their opinion) a bad multiplayer game hahahaha,
    Fuck the multiplayer IGN,this game is awesome!!

  11. I think we as consumers should buy those games that are from developers that we trust. like crystal dynamics, CD project red, Bethesda, rock star games, naughty dog etc. talking bout games from ubisoft n EA or Activision I think no one should pre-order or buy their games at launch day unless u r fully confident that u're gonna enjoy it. wat we should do instead is wait for a few days, go to the internet n see reviews of youtubers that we trust or if possible crack n play the game a bit n if we like it, then buy it

  12. I remember game informer used to be the same. Specially with companies like ubi soft and ea, even if they released crappy games game informer would praise them for it.

  13. IGN and other videogame reviewing websites are an absolute joke and their opinions should never be taken seriously and/or believed because they like their games easy to play with no challenge whatsoever just to compensate for their incompetence when playing a videogame, as evidenced by Polygon's gameplay of Doom 2016 or VentureBeats gameplay demo of Cuphead.
    But i guess it makes sense why they praised Sonic Colors and Generations but tossed aside and stomped Sonic Unleashed on the ground, just because the first two mentioned are easy to play, don't get me wrong i do like and did enjoy playing Colors and Generations but mainly the storyline and gameplay of both can't be possibly better than Sonic Unleashed's story and gameplay, i mean Unleashed as a whole is better than those two games.
    As a fact Sonic Unleashed is the best and perfect 3D "Modern" Sonic game but of course i do obviously know that it has its flaws so it deserves a score somewhere between 9 and 10, but IGN and other videogame site reviewers just decided to hate the game for no particular and valid reasons.
    When i saw IGN's review of Sonic Unleashed i was really infuriated of the bad gameplay and commentary that that Hillary guy provided us and i just knew that people would just blindly take the bait and assume is an awful game and disregard it.
    And as a result of that, SEGA got the mentality that it turned out to be a bad game when clearly it's not; belittled it and avoided ever mentioning the game in the future just for marketing purposes and that is evidenced when the first trailer of Sonic Forces was revealed and the game wasn't included in the "From the team that brought you Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations".

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