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  1. People are sick of the current gaming trend of milking the consumer. Well get a switch and play a bunch of games from a time before that existed. Brilliant idea on Nintendos part.

  2. Are guys having a joke. I got a themed stylus & paper notepad included with my copy. It was a pre-order bonus but give I was a thing to get it anyway. Plus you can always cancel your pre-order if reviews are bad.
    It shoukd be a permanent inclusion with the game though as it makes the games easier and more fun to use.

  3. Them mentioning Pokemon is actually quite surprising considering all the controversy has been going around recently due to the lack of content it will be providing next game. This actually already dropped their pre-orders by about 30% so far and Counting

  4. I'm going to wait a bit and see if the curation is better because that's what I didn't like about the original, It was really difficult to find good levels.

  5. Wouldn't it be great if they trolled us like with Super Mario Brothers 2 being the sequel but it's an entirely different game? Super Mario Maker 2, where you can only make SMB2 levels with the SMB2 mechanics and throw turnips etc.

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