Will Bitcoin Break $14K in the Next Two Weeks?

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According to analyst and stock trader Dan McDermitt, if Bitcoin breaks $14K in the next two weeks, it means that new all-time highs are close. He also explained why the main cryptocurrency is increasingly turning into a safe store of value, why Bitcoin futures are increasingly popular and why Bitcoinโ€™s gains are concentrated on the weekends.

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Will Bitcoin Break $14K in the Next Two Weeks?


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  1. I stopped watching when moderator and guest said, they agreed altcoins will disappear, this is mega bullshit ! Look at altcoins priced in btc.. I checked, why they still go up in btc? come on

  2. Dan has a very simple TA style that even my 6 year old daughter understands. I think this is the draw; simple yet effective.

  3. 6:34 I guess this is simply because whales are Wall Street types who are simply too busy on weekdays (the Bitcoin fever hasn't quite gripped them just yet) and stock markets are closed on weekends, so it's an ideal time to just relax, sip a Cognac, and buy some (lots) of Bitcoin just because it can't hurt.

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