How To Fly A Racing Drone – Lesson 13 – Flips and Rolls

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This series of lessons uses the free FPV Freerider simulator to teach a complete beginner how to fly an FPV multirotor in acro (no autoleveling) mode. You can learn to fly a quadcopter at home in front of your computer for almost no money. You can learn to fly without any fear of crashing and breaking an expensive toy. And yes, the things you learn here WILL translate over to real life.

In this lesson, we begin to learn basic aerobatic maneuvers: flips and rolls. Aerobatic maneuvers are not, strictly speaking, used in drone racing, but you certainly do want to be able to do something flashy as a flourish after you win a race, right?


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  1. The problem with practicing on a simulator is none of them actually respond like a quad does. For instance, the moment your quad is tilted, it starts loosing altitude rapidly. The faster the flip, the less altitude you lose. You can roll in this simulator, i have it btw, and not lose any altitude fast or slow. You roll your quad and it is going to drop like a rock requiring a healthy throttle response to counter the downward momentum you generated. This simulator will not teach you that. I have yet to find a simulator that does a decent job of recreating the effects of gravity. Not even the DRL simulator. Chop your throttle in that one and it floats down like a feather. You can not even fly it into the ground fast pointed straight down. There is only one way. Find a grassy field and practice, practice, practice.

  2. Getting ahead of of myself i best go back a few lessons as i dont have a flight sim hha thanks for these tutorials by the way there working wonders in getting my head around the handling of quads

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