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  1. Dear Tech Linked: never before have I ever ask for or thought I would require a trigger warning. Apparently, I was not socially, politically, physically or emotionally prepared for white Canadian geek dancing.

    I shan't … there is no… I… blonde … corgi with reverse smooth peanut butter… vodka flavored water… #broken

  2. Can you give yourself a bit more head room so people with long aspect ratio devices can go fullscreens without your beautiful hair getting cut off 😁

  3. A Li-Ion battery exploding when it gets punctured. Wow, who would've guessed?

    Teslas are still incredibly safe (as so demonstrated by the couple getting out of a collision with a stopped vehicle 4x the weight of theirs with minor injuries. Collision was at 62mph iirc), but you definitely want to get away from them as quickly as possible after a wreck just in case a battery is damaged and slowly cooking off.

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