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  1. Did you just fu@king say "old school" Panasonic toughbooks, they are still manufacturing them in 2019 in full fledge. This gay macbook will crack if you just place the CF31 on top of it

  2. I purchase one UAG rugged case for my Macbook Pro 15'' 2016, and is supper cool. Super protective. The best case in the market. I love it! Only downside is that they only offers the plasma model for the macbook pros, which looks awesome, but still… a little diversity of colors would be nice. I'm purchasing another one for my wife's new Macbook Pro 15'' 2019. I fully recommend this case.

  3. try water, dirt, extreme temperature test, glove touch in rain, and many other features that would be a fail on this. There are so many other things with a rugged book besides just dropping it on the ground. People who use laptops in real working environments out in the heat, snow and rain have to be able to rely on this device. That's not even including the gps, multiple hot swap batteries, and many other features that would have to be available to make this a rugged laptop contender.

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