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  1. While ur worried about someone winning an award, the Amazon is still on fire. Not asking u to focus just on that. But some mention of something massively more important would be welcome

  2. I just wanna say, dont read Time's review. It's the only negative one on Metacritic and they have spoilers in there. I already had part of the movie spoiled because of that and stopped reading right at that sentence so there may or may not be more spoilers in there.

  3. I will never understand why the hollywood has a hard on for joker, when ever some one talks about giving the oscar to another actor in a comic movie role it gets played down as a pop corn action role and what not. Tell me RDJ doesnt deserve a nomination at least for his marvelous performance through out the decade specially in Civil War… Dont get me wrong Joaquin Phoenix is a great actor but if he gets his oscar for this performance in front of his other past work, than the Joker is as overrated and overhyped as it gets.

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