North Koreans love smartphones, but they're not supposed to be getting any tech imports | The World

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According to North Korean defectors and South Korean experts interviewed by Reuters, North Korea is evading UN sanctions to cash in on soaring domestic …


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About the Author: ABC News (Australia)


  1. How cool is that? North Korea will be among the first nations on the planet to have 5G technology, and will surpass all the superpowers that wish to follow the US war against advancements in communication. This place is amazing.

  2. America is dumb, they should be flooding NK with cheap and free access to the internet. Quickest way to turn people against an authoritarian state is the internet.

  3. abc hiding comments unbelievable
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  4. lmao closed down the comment section on climate , ABC and the brain dead left licking their wounds – ABC your brain washing not working people are waking up Shoutout to all my fellow deep free thinkers out there

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