How LOUD Is The Razer Phone? (vs iPhone X, Pixel 2 XL, Note 8)

The Razer phone speakers are the best I’ve ever heard on a smartphone but how do they measure up against competitors like the Apple iPhone X, Samsung …


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  1. what specs do I look for for the loudest smartphone please ? I don't care for the speaker. headphone use ? is it noise ? db ? kHz audio Db or kHz ? i am unsure/ I used to have HTC one 9 and the volume could go much louder when I switch to boost. unlike my new Samsug Note 8the sound is lower :/

  2. Wait up…. I know it been a while since this video was posted but does Lou say “leave a thumb down if you enjoyed this video”? I’m not throwing shade, I’m curious if any one else hears that too…

  3. I need to know the call quality of the razor. I'm a real estate agent and I would like to buy it for my business but I wanna know how good it is in call quality and and speakerphone mode. Real life scenarios go

  4. Need more reviewers to review audio this way.. thanks 😀 I wonder how the Marshall or the RoG phone's hold up now against the Razer.

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