Virtual Reality on a Budget – Cheap PC VR

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  1. Personally I'd wait to see how the Link for the Oculus Quest pans out, if it's as good as it sounds then the Quest is a great option for the wireless standalone ability too 🙂

  2. My issue with the parts list, is that Zen+ still has some issues with breaking past the 2933MHz speed on some RAM kits, so 3200MHz might be hard to achieve. 2400MHz is the safest choice, 2933MHz might be the ideal speed, and 3200MHz is the best possible outcome. Though the difference between the latter two is honestly really small, even with tight timings imo.

  3. In my current state no way I can buy a VR, I want to play HLVR but I can't. I can't have the money for this nor I can order one to where I live. My only hope now is to wait for someone to mod or emulate the game for PC.

  4. To get people to pay 200-300 bucks for ability to play one game and a bunch of gimmicky shovelware and mall arcades at best this has to be new Quake, and somehow i doubt that it is.
    I like your enthusiasm, Tyler, but you have your head in the clouds.

  5. I don't want any used VR headsets. I don't want no VR headset period. I just want to play this game on my computer. On my flat screen. No gimmicks. Without getting motion sick.

  6. For me vr isn't the best way to game its really the only way, I have only used vr for gaming for over a year and Its been just the best. I have a rift s and an oculus quest both of which are great for vr with quest recently getting pcvr support as well as being portable. I get bored playing non vr and vr can do everything regular games can but also has all these benefits like if I wanna exercise I can just use vr and the interaction is just great and recently theres been so many great games.

  7. Before you make a buying decision based on this video I highly recommend doing more research. This is missing way too many important arguments

  8. Any guy giving you PC build advice who tells you to buy AMD over Nvidia, is talking out of his arse. Not necessarily because AMD has worse hardware. Nvidia has been using their market position for years to push their technology everywhere. Using an AMD card will deliver similar performance in some but also deliver an absolute shitshow in other games. If you want as little hassle as possible (not to mention raytracing, if you so desire), you better buy Nvidia.

  9. i think it prolly would've been a good idea to mention the fact that the Rift S and Windows MR both use inside-out tracking, which means no basestations.

  10. woah woah woah, tyler, the vive's screen is terrible in comparison to the rift and rift s. you cant just shill for the vive like that man. all those options are equal, none is better than the other. best tracking; vive. Best comfort and audio solution; rift. Best resolution and easiest setup; rift s

  11. I have a question, would the gt 1030 gddr5 be able to run hlvr on low settings? I mean, it can run The call of Cthulhu game on high with 50 60 fps.

  12. I got a used OG oculus rift with the touch controllers, xbox one controller and 3 sensors for $230 on swappa. So any people looking for a vr headset be sure to look for that rare deal or constantly check any sites that sell vr headsets to get a deal before someone else does

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