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This Bitcoin Analyst got every Bitcoin price call right so far with his technical analysis on Bitcoin.

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  2. So is he saying that we should wait for the Golden Cross in a few weeks and then trade and the market should go up?
    Then what happens at the halvening in May? Is the price cut in half?

  3. Don't mind me, just setting 125x leverage to activate on the 9th of december while casually browsing the 2020 Lamborghini catalog xDDD

  4. Loved your presentation. I hope you're right. If you're wrong I'll be getting out of crypto by June 2020, if you're right I'll be getting out of my mortgage in 2020. We will see. Subbed and thumbs up.

  5. I earn up to $ 130 every week from a trading company . That about $ 520 in just a month. It's very very simple. All I do is invest my money in the company and at the end of 7 trading days, I withdraw my profit and invest again. It's almost like a second job. The truth is, You cannot get rich overnight. Take it step by step. In addition to $ 520 in a month, it's a good profit you know. I will leave the details below to interested person. Please I don't have the time to explain to unserious people.

  6. My opinion buy accumulate HODL. Expect good things from BTC. A store of value it is. the money is just a bonus. Use your imagination what is valuable to you. And never let anyone cloud your decisions you make decisions on your own.

  7. People spend most of their time and money buying bitcoin and waiting for it to rise so they can sell it to some rich person at a higher price, but at times no one actually wants to buy bitcoin, people prefer mining and investments, that’s why I’ve been making so much with binary and iq option, but these options are not safe at times because you might end up losing your money, but that’s why I trade with the best most secure and trusted trading company, izabelabfxtrades, is the way to go if you ever want to go into trading, while trading so far with them I’ve gotten 23 wins and no loss, so try them out and thank me later

  8. my prediction generally for the nxt ath would b a total of 1.3 to -1.5 trillion usd of all marketcap, but particularly to bitcoin might be to a 30K to 40k usd per btc. but when was this be happening it might be in d middle of 2020.

  9. The obvious question: If Mr. X is so good why bother with analysi? Why not simply follow his every utterance and make a fortune? It's just so absurd – claiming som3one can correctly predict price with thousands of unknowns (China, trade, Trump, whales, hype, Congress, halving, forks, stock market, news, software, etc). For example, did Mr. X know about the Plus Token scam that helped propel the huge March – July rise or its discovery which made BTC drop like a rock? LOL

  10. People dont listen to these people. They only sell you bybit so they van earn on your losses. Just be smart and stay away from trading. 99% of the people lose money statisticly. Just do dca and hodl long term.

  11. Lol you forgot to mention that he is also expecting 8k once again before bull run. Does that mean I'm shorting it? Hell no ,I'm buying at 8k-8100 !!

  12. I follow him on Tradingview since two years now, he is great and quite reachable, he is becoming a star now since his last Tradingview post. I would also recommend ‘4 year journey’ on YouTube, that is a friend of Filbfilb and has pretty good points 🙂

  13. Filbfilb is a respectable analyst/trader. I don't believe in an ATH before the halving, since that neither didn't happen the 2 halvings before. I do believe we will come very close though, maybe a rejection close to ATH. One halving was sell the news, one wasn't. New ATH happened a couple of months after halving, so I stick with that for now. Kevin Svenson has good predictions as well, pointed towards him by Sunny Decree

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