Dear Smartphone Makers.

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Dear Smartphone makers – Samsung, Oneplus, Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei and more, here are 8 things I’d love to see in 2020 Smartphones. First episode here: …


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  1. Keep track umm no they can't lol my friends all have 11s and they don't know which they got .. your a geek so you don't socialize with ignorant people much like I do and tbh they don't gaf 🀷🏻🀣 only the camera and battery life matters they have a 11 xr and they act as if they got the pro lol seriously they don't know and don't care and most carriers I know more than them when I got visit here in NYC so your right but about apple being straight forward and no confusing is bs and it seems your being payed off now 🀷🏻

  2. Clear audio, great!
    Almost all you have said here is relevant .
    But there are "smarter" marketing people with the companies and they are not going to change, one up for Apple.

  3. His πŸ’― right. The smartphone market is getting over saturated and when you are spoilt for choice and to then realise your phone is only getting 1 update, you are screwed. I rather have 2 phones from each company or maybe even 3 and get regular updates.

  4. As for call quality… Why aren't MORE phone companies using satellite technology? And why can't we make calls on CB radio bandwidths too?
    As for product naming its best to keep it short and simple.

  5. Woaw this video is so well done, the delivery, how you talked about many different phone companies, no bias, and you smooth articulated voice πŸ™ŒπŸ”₯ thanks for covering the pen features, it's literally would boost Samsung sales more.

  6. I'm with you Aron the innovation we have now is honestly only desired by tech heads. Average consumer can barely tell the diff from mid to flagship. For over 1k I want more useful features. Give me a battery that will last a guaranteed 24 hours with everything Max settings and every automatic option on.

  7. I would love to see a modular phone. Something where you could upgrade individual parts. Then you could upgrade just the camera or just the battery, etc. I know that would require a major change in design and companies wouldn’t be able to sell you an entirely new phone every few months but it would be great for consumers.

  8. Kind of agree but for the actual market, people need options when signing up on a 2 Year Agreement. There are a lot of people that look at monthly bill over which model of the phone they want. Samsung aims to hit each budget. Apple is premium apple is one company with one software hence why they are only premium brand that has the right create luxury persona etc cult.

  9. #1 can be explained easily, they focus too much on the other named factors and cameras as these features sell way better than simply saying "and now you can actually use it with good call quality" especially as they would admit to this focus of it being a status symbol now. I for myself would love to have a functional phone which in the best case would not need a case and would have an exchangable battery again, waterproof ip 67 too of course yet being fast.

  10. This cost cutting issue. I was thinking exactly the same since I bought Samsung Note 9. If Samsung cuts their product price in just 4 month after launch, people will show lack of interest in their new launches. Because Samsung has made a trend of cutting the price of flagship to 50% just few months after the launch.

  11. My samsung j5 from 2017 is still receiving updates from time to time. It started with android 7 and now it runs android 9, so 2 years of updates basically. For a low end phone.

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