a-ha – Sycamore Leaves – Virtual Reality (VR) 360 video

Sycamore Leaves by a-ha, eternalized by Hydro in 360 virtual reality (VR). Aluminium company Hydro has eternalized a-ha through VR, recording the final leg of …


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About the Author: Norsk Hydro


  1. Absolutely Brilliant! To me the most interesting song of the tour, bloody well performed! Both Paul and Magne really rocking it out, the sound is amazing and well, the virtual reality really does add to the experience (even though I was not impressed by the visuals on the screens during this particular concert: wish they had used the "normal ones")

  2. how could someone make such a minimalist work? normally a 360 virtual reality is been interesting.. all of it is too dark recorded.. sadly to say

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