The Smartphone Market Is Dying

The Smartphone Market Is Dying

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  1. It's too expensive. Prices has been increasing every year. I am not going to be replacing my phone every 2 years. I'm going to use it until it dies.

  2. There was a massive bullwhip in the economy for 2 years straight. Tech and services are oversold at the moment. When inflation is under wraps and the supply chain is 100% repaired buying habits will shift. Just don’t expect pandemic numbers like these analysts that thought that was going to be a new normal.

  3. Phone manufacturers gotta stop chasing year over year release cycles with the last processor, and end up releasing unfinished rushed products. Instead take their time as needed or take a page out of google, and focus more on software quality and features even if it's weaker hardware. As any recent flagships are good enough for most people.

  4. Finally! These prices for the top-end phones are just ridiculous nowadays! I really hope they make some huge deficits with their overpriced devices. The same applies to Notebooks and Graphics cards ecc…

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