The Fastest Charging Smartphone I've Ever Tested…

This is the Infinix Concept Phone 2021 delivering a blistering 160 Watt charger and color changing back. Sponsored by Infinix. FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES …


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  1. Yah company Itna Achcha phone banaegi Aisa Lagta Nahin tha yah phone Agar market Mein aata hai to bahut jyada famous hoga

  2. as we always said, Life will find a way, Huawei and all the development team heading all the way around to get the major component in feathers to sell or corp the patient with, like apple is switching to its supplies from Taiwan base to CCP base, if you notice some of the flash memory and battery did not perform well in the iPhone 12

  3. When can we buy this concept phone? I want one right now. I'm charging up my S21 Ultra from 3% and with that thing I would be done in 11 min. come on

  4. Finally someone with balls in the game!
    There's space to fill, since other brands are failing completely, like Sony, LG and Nokia…
    Huawei is also dead to anyone, 'cause Trump ruined it.
    Samsung's Android is shit and there' re only phones left from Google, Xiaomi and BBK…

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