Top 10 Most Controversial Video Game Reviews

Top 10 Most Controversial Video Game Reviews

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  1. …Am I the only one who agrees that the durability system in Breath of the Wild is annoying and doesn’t need to be in a mainline Zelda game again? I understand it’s to balance all the weapons and shields you can get, and to add challenge, but it’s seriously annoying. I’d rather limit how many items you can get and have no durability than have to deal with durability at all. They gave the Master Sword a durability-like restriction!

  2. Perhaps more recently, They gave XC:DE a 8/10, while giving 3d a 9/10, Other highlights include not knowing the story, Infamously called Melia a Horrible character despite having one of, if not the best arcs in the game, Mispronouncing Names, Spoiling Seven (For Spoiler reasons DO NOT Look Seven's real Identity until you've played the game), Said XC1 was on the Wii U , Not Knowing the format on what time to play Future connected, Not Knowing the concept of Sidequesting, Etc. Etc.

  3. That gta review was shabby, that game is a masterpiece and her personal opinion could have damaged the game if people were stupid enough to listen to her word vomit.

  4. The woman talking about GTA:V clearly missed the point, but Dan Stapleton is absolutely right about Prey, and I think he was far far too nice. The game still has issues and gets boring after about three hours anyway.

  5. I can understand why people are mad that some of these games got low scores or higher for the bad ones. However the ones where the console fanboys complain (Killzone 2) is beyond stupidity.

  6. How interesting, trash rating channel reviews and rates trash reviewing channels. But I guess some of these guys' ratings are kinda not bad

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