Players to watch at MSI 2019 | ESPN Esports

Players to watch at MSI 2019 | ESPN Esports

ESPN’s Tyler Erzberger and Phil Murphy look ahead to the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational and break down the impact players at this year’s …


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  1. people should stop calling these events "international." there's really nothing international about lpl and lck always raping western teams and then just competing among each other

  2. Faker is holding back, as you can see last year, he was the one who mostly carried SKT and made the unbelievable happen wherein SKT made it into playoffs. Right now Faker is just chilling because he knows he can trust his whole team to carry and win the game, reason why he uses champs that are more of a teamfight/utility type rather than those champs he were picking for 1v1's like in his past.

  3. This video perfectly shows why this channel will never get viewers, a scuffed video with no ending sound with transitions that are too loud and overall bad quality, with no recognisable name (other than the ESPN brand) to latch onto to watch even if the quality is bad and the people who are on have a poor insight into the game.

  4. We saw WUNDER vs Theshy play off already. Only player who can face Theshy is Khan on carry against carry matchup. Just imagine, Theshy irelia vs Khan Fiora or riven

  5. Haha. Of course the only good NA player is an import because we all know NA can never produce any talent. B4 anyone gets butt hurt, take a look at the results. 0 NA victories at international events. Case closed. Can't wait to see Faker and Rookie face off tho, that's gonna be hype!!

  6. It's amazing how ESPN wasn't willing to pay for a big brand personality to lead this channel. Not that Tyler isn't nice to have, but why does it feel like a 1 man band. Papa Smithy, LS, Thorin, Monty Cristo, Crumbz, all would of made great commentators. You could of had people like Hai, Scarra, Phreak, Lemonnation, guest star some segments.
    Where is the Disney $$$?

    If your're not going to do something right there is no reason to do it at all.

  7. Teddy is #1 player to look at.. This guy is a monster and is by far the best adc in this whole tournament. Even Faker has shown confidence and respect in him.

  8. While Faker is being a bit more of a utility player for his team (because he doesn't need to carry them), I would have also given it to Teddy who's been such a huge win condition for SKT

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