BlackBerry Z10 vs Q10: Comparison Review

BlackBerry Z10 vs Q10: Comparison Review

Want a BlackBerry but aren’t sure which model to go for? TechRadar’s Mobile Devices Writer John McCann takes a look at the company’s latest smartphones, …


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  1. $100 more for just a slightly newer update, dark screen, adjusted charger plug in, and keyboard could be worth. However you get a much smaller screen and you lose a few features with the physical keyboard, such as word selection above letters, swiping down to switch boards, etc which was on the z10. In comparison to the bold 9900, it definitely was a big improvement, but not by much i feel like.

  2. Does Z10 or Q10 have Square app? Do I have to have an BIS or data plan to work most of the IM apps? I know these functions were restricted on the old Javelins. I haven't owned one since. Reply back. Thanks!

  3. the Q10 is blackberry's best looking phone to date in my opinion. looks great function wise too. so its the Q10 or the htc one…

  4. I still don't know which one to get. I think what will be the determining factor is after I try out the Z10. Is there any company in the USA that let's you exchange phones? Like if I get the Z10 and don't like the keyboard enough, can I trade it for a Q10 for nothing extra?

  5. Exactly. The entire keyboard section of this was complete BS and biased, he didn't even mention the amazing predictions and sliding up on a letter to write the entire. The BB Z10's virtual keyboard destroys of all the 3rd party keyboards on Android. This was BS, thumbs down!!!

  6. The Z10 is a larger phone then a iPhone 5. It's the same hardware inside as my HTC 8x phone, it just has BB10 installed instead of Windows Phone 8 and it also uses a OLED screen whereas my Htc 8x is a Super LCD 2 screen.

  7. Newegg has the older BB touch screen phone pretty cheap in USD, I'm not sure if it will be upgradeable to the BB10 OS, at least it doesnt have a mouse cursor they break so easy.

  8. I think any new Z10 sold will already have 10.1 installed. I'm still waiting to see if they ever update the Playbook they claim it can be upgraded to the BB10 OS, although I've yet to see that either.

  9. Q10 has super Amoled (colorful display than Z10) and amazing video stabilization on the front facing. Has LED notification, keyboard much cuter. I'm using iPhone 5 64GB, planning to get q10 and iPhone 5S. I am so so excited.

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