THE BITCOIN AND CRYPTO MARKET is on a SURGE on the news that the BTC ETF has been approved, but is this a GOOD thing? SPEAKING EVENT LINK …


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  1. Good video you made today. Good points you made so I take my prior shill comments back :p I have been stacking my shorts for the same things you mention here. We seen our short squeeze and now we are likely to see the longs pushed around a bit.

  2. Manipulation already occurs on a much bigger scale than this btc futures etf….Salinas says it will tank btc is laughable FUD….which make your thumbnail FUD

  3. Thanks for this analysis. Buy the rumor sell the facts makes sense for traders. I'm a Bitcoin HODL'er so I'll be happy to hold and buy more if the ETF news causes the price to drop. I'm hoping the ETF brings more investment to the BTC space and drives the price the other direction.

  4. ETF is already approved. I mean I know not by SEC official official, but everyone knows it goes live Mon or Tues. if sell the news was coming, it would have happened already.

  5. So now Gensler and his buddies can rip off more uneducated & unsuspecting rich people with the arbitrage spreads between SEC/CFTC approved market makers. Screw the corruption in government!

  6. Great strategy of selling some crypto to diversify into real estate income producing properties. Who doesn't understand the strategy? Passive income for the rest of your life.

  7. Why would futures-based ETF lead to more manipulation? If people want leverage they can already trade the CME BTC future, no?

  8. I think this will open the door for 401ks and other products to invest. Maybe not this one, but other ETFs wil come to allow retirement accounts to go in. Trillions will enter and us early adopters will prosper.

  9. There has already been a bitcoin ETF for a while. Grayscale's GBTC. Had it in my retirement account for ages already. It's done very well.

  10. Traders be carefull, holders be ok. I like you Rob, but this type of thumbnails even if you mean good, are just FUD. All screen red, arrow down. Good message, irresponsible presentation.

  11. This rally from the summer Bitcoin low is different in that many large investments have been put into cold storage. This means less supply on exchanges and stronger foundation for existing price in the current bull market. Crypto price in the next 2 months has everything to do with Washington politics. If they do nothing, we will certainly see a rally. All they have to do is let the ETFs happen and we will see new highs until year end.

  12. you cashed out a little bitcoin to finance other projects if bitcoin drops? Bitcoin drops just like every other asset in the world drops and goes back up again. Why so surprised that Bitcoin corrects once in a while as healthy part of climbing ever higher towards $100,000??? Are you a day trader or investor long term? Or maybe both I guess. Of course Bitcoin will drop! It always drops and then goes back up. Nobody’s knows when or how low it’ll drop but everybody knows it will always go up higher. Why not just hold? As soon as you sell you lose. My guess is You sold some of your bitcoin because you invested too much and you really need cash or you simply don’t believe Bitcoin will keep going to $100k and beyond while the whole world is accepting Bitcoin. You gotta be clear with us if you talk about it.

  13. Bitcoin ETF already exist in many other large countries with little price manipulation. Just because we own the global reserve dollar doesn’t mean we are the global hub for all financial aspects and will control this global phenomenon.

  14. I don't understand futures and how they are good or bad for the market, but from what everyone is saying it seems like a spot ETF would stabilize Bitcoin gains better.

  15. You’re just pointing to the chart and attributing causation retroactively because of a single event. Correlation is not causation. These are emergent outcomes in massive global markets.

    Nobody knows what’s going to happen. I believe in the fundamentals of the bitcoin network and the asset. Accumulate and hodl is my path. Good day sir.

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